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Heartland Christian Schools, formerly District 6, is part of Christian Schools International, a network of Christian schools throughout North America.  Member schools from Northwest Iowa, Southwest Minnesota, Eastern South Dakota and Nebraska have banded together for mutual activity and support.

Summer Licensure Renewal Courses 2022


Several Dates in May - August 2022: "Growth Mindset" (facilitator, Sarah Boesch)

Participants will identify and define the difference between a fixed and growth mindset. will distinguish between a growth and a fixed mindset, will take steps towards developing a growth mindset, and will use a growth mindset for continuous learning in both personal and professional areas of life.

Location: Online

Time: 9:00 - 10:00 AM

15 Dates from May - August (Click Course Agenda for Dates)

Course Information and Dates: Growth Mindset

Course Agenda: Growth Mindset Course Outline

Cost: member schools - $100; non-member schools - $150

1 Licensure Renewal Credit Awarded.     Register Here  


June 1 - June 30: "Tech Skills Refresh for Educators" (facilitator, Kristin Mulder)

Attendees will get a refresher on some of the tech skills that are necessary for successful navigation of the internet, cloud storage, Google tools, and more! Participants will be given a set instructional videos and lessons to choose from and then will complete a required number of the lessons.

Location: Online;  All lessons due by June 30

Cost: member schools - $100; non-member schools - $150

1 Licensure Renewal Credit Awarded      Register Here

June 14-15: “Summative Assessment = Engagement” (facilitator, Nicki Kuiper)

Attendees will discover new ideas that will allow them to provide summative assessment that focuses on engaging students creatively and authentically.

Location: Dordt University

Time: 8:30 - 4:30 Both Days

Course InformationSummative Assessment = Engagement!

Course Agenda: Summative Assessment Workshop Agenda

Cost: member schools - $100; non-member schools - $150

1 Licensure Renewal Credit Awarded.     Register Here