Admin & Board

Heartland Admin Team

The Heartland Admin Team is a group of people serving in administration from our member schools that meet up to 4 times yearly to encourage one another, learn from each other and challenge each other in their faith and in their role as leaders of a school.

2023-2024 Admin Team Schedule:

Host School/Location
November 17, 2023 Dordt University Libby Manion and Julie Winn, Minnehaha Academy & Co-Founders of Refine EDU
January 19, 2024 Sioux Center Christian School Dr. Tim Van Soelen, Director of CACE, professor at Dordt University
February 5, 2024 - Board Workshop Dordt University Cole Braun, CEO of the Milwaukee Lutheran High School Association
March 8, 2024 Sanborn Christian Speaker Roger Erdvig


Heartland Executive Committee

Heartland Christian Schools elects an executive board made up of administrators, teachers, and board members from several Heartland Schools.

Executive Committee members are elected from this board; this committee meets four times per year.  Meetings are held in the Education Department Conference Room at Dordt University.

Current Executive Committee Members:

  • Lindsay Laurich, board president - Siouxland Christian (2022-2025) -
  • Marcus De Jager, board vice-president - Rock Valley Christian (2022-2025) -
  • Jay Woudstra, board treasurer - Sioux Falls Christian (2020-2023) -
  • Sue Gonnerman, board secretary - Sanborn Christian (2022-2025) -
  • Megan Kooima - Ireton/Sheldon Christian (2022-2025) -
  • Travis De Jong - Orange City Christian (2020 - 2023) -
  • Joe Bakker - Sioux Center Christian (2022-2025) -
  • Klay Byker - Western Christian (2022-2023)
  • Sara Wilson - Western Christian (2023 - 20260) -
  • Nicki Kuiper, director - Heartland Christian Schools -

Heartland Executive Committee Meeting Dates 2023-2024

  • Wednesday, September 13, 2023
  • Wednesday, November 15, 2023
  • Wednesday, January 17, 2024
  • Wednesday, March 13, 2024 - Officers Only

Central Board

Heartland Christian Schools is governed by the Central Board made up of one representative from each member school. The Central Board meets once per year. This year, our meeting will be held in Luvurne, Minnesota on Friday, April 12, 2024.

Block School Name Term Rep. Type Name Email School Email Principal Principal Email
Block I (2023 - 2026). NEW MEMBERS Hills 2023-2026 Administrator Barry Miedema Barry Miedema
SW Minnesota 2023-2026 Teacher Amber Vos Randy Pfeifle
Hollandale 2023-2026 Teacher Susan Kozelsky Susan Kozelsky
Central MN 2023-2026 Board Member Jon De Groot Brandon Haan
Sheldon 2023-2026 Board Member Kyle Heynen Marlin Schoonhoven
Inwood 2023-2026 Teacher Elizabeth Lucas Sheri Vander Veen
Rock Valley 2023-2026 Administrator Marcus De Jager Joe Dirksen
Block II (2022 - 2025) Westside Christian 2022-2025 Administrator Brenda Hill Brenda Hill
Sanborn 2022-2025 Teacher Sue Gonerman Anthony Minderhoudt
Unity 2022-2025 Board Member Jamie Nibbelink Wayne Dykstra
Sioux Center 2022-2025 Board Member Joe Baker Josh Bowar
Ireton 2022-2025 Administrator Megan Kooima Megan Kooima
Dakota 2022-2025 Teacher Jody Van Zee Jeremy Boer
Volga 2022-2025 Teacher Beth Eich Beth Eich
Siouxland 2022-2025 Administrator Lindsay Laurich Lindsay Laurich
Block III (2020 - 2023) Hull 2020-2023 Board Member Julie Van Schepen Randy Ten Pas
Western 2020-2023 Teacher Katie Nice Brian Ver Wolf
Orange City 2020-2023 Teacher Travis De Jong Jason Alons
Mitchell 2020-2023 Board Member Eric Rau Sarah Lieber
Sutton 2020-2023 Teacher Tim Johnson Dave Kauk
Sioux Falls 2020-2023 Administrator Jay Woudstra Jay Woudstra
Worthington 2020-2023 Board Member Christy Milbrath deb Vander Kooi
North Iowa 2020-2023 Administrator Larry Day - Until a New Admin is found Larry Day