Admin & Board

Admin Team

Admin Team is a group of people in administration from our member schools that meet up to 4 times yearly to encourage one another, learn from each other and challenge each other in their faith and in their role as leaders of a school.

2018-2019 Admin Team Schedule:

Host School/Location
Friday, November 2, 2018 Mitchell Christian A.M. CSI Director of School Improvement, Sheryl L. Jo, "Accreditation Discussion"
P.M. Supt. Heron School District, Terry D. Nebelsick EdS., "Managing the Administrative Team in Your School"
Friday, December 14, 2018
Sanborn Christian
A.M. Dordt College Athletic Director, Ross Douma,  "Athletics and Beyond"
P.M. CACE Director, Timothy Van Soelen, "The Future of Christian Education"
Friday, January 18, 2019 Dordt College, Sioux Center, IA Ed Noot, Executive Director, Society of Christian Schools in BC, "Balancing the Need for Grace and Truth"
Friday, February 22, 2019  Optional/reschedule date

Central Board

Heartland Christian Schools is governed by the Central Board made up of one representative from each member school. The Central Board meets once per year. Executive Committee members are elected from this board; this committee meets four times per year. Executive committee members are highlighted in YELLOW.

Next scheduled board meeting is Spring, 2019, in Luverne, MN. Block I assignments will be completing their term. New assignments will be as follows:

Block I (2019-2022)
Hills - Board Member
Edgerton - Administrator
Hollandale - Teacher
Central - Administrator
Sheldon - Teacher
Inwood - Board Member
Doon - Administrator
Rock Valley - Teacher

School Name Term Rep. Type Rep. Name Rep. E-mail School E-mail
Block I (2016-2019)
Hills 2016-2019 Teacher Barry Miedema
Edgerton 2016-2019 Board Member LuAnn Spronk
Hollandale 2016-2019 Administrator Enno Haan
Central MN Christian 2016-2019 Teacher Vince Vander Pol
Sheldon 2016-2019 Administrator Pete Van Velzen
Inwood 2016-2019 Teacher Katie Bonnema
Doon 2016-2019 Board Member Brian Denekas
Rock Valley 2016-2019 Administrator Brad Vis
Block II (2018-2021)
Chandler 2018-2021 Teacher Karl Schmitke
Sanborn 2018-2021 Administrator Anthony Minderhoud
Unity 2018-2021 Board Member Tim Kamp
Sioux Center 2018-2021 Teacher Abby Finley  
Ireton 2018-2021 Administrator Marlin Schoonhoven
Dakota 2018-2021 Teacher Jodi Van Zee
Volga 2018-2021 Board Member TBD
Siouxland 2018-2021 Administrator Steve Peters
Block III (2017-2020)
Hull 2017-2020 Teacher Kim Waterman
Western 2017-2020 Board Member Tracy Kollis
Orange City 2017-2020 Administrator Jason Alons
Mitchell 2017-2020 Board Member Carmen O'Neill
Southwest 2017-2020 Teacher Wendel Buys
Sutton 2017-2020 Teacher Dave Kauk
Sioux Falls 2017-2020 Board Member Jay Woudstra
Worthington 2017-2020 Administrator Martha Lubben