Farewell to Chandler Christian School

Dear Heartland Family,

By God’s grace, Chandler Christian School has educated covenant children for 70 years.  At the close of this year, it will close its doors.  With heavy hearts, we say good bye to all who have worked so diligently to point students to a deeper knowledge of God and his world, and invite them into a life of discipleship.

While our hearts are heavy, we also rejoice with them.  God has been faithful for 70 years!  Students have the opportunity to attend Edgerton Christian School in the fall.  Their building has been sold!  God is definitely walking with them through this journey.  All praise to him!

From the Heartland Christian Schools family, blessings to all who have been with Chandler Christian over the years!


Please read the following letter from the Chandler Christian School Board to their community:

In the summer of 1947 a group of men representing the Chandler Reformed Church and the Chandler Christian Reformed Church gathered to discuss forming a Christian School society with the purpose of starting a school in which children would be educated in the light of God’s Word.  A few months later the first society meeting was held and board members were appointed.  A year later land was purchased and a building committee was formed.  On Labor Day of 1950 a Dedication service was held and Chandler Christian School was officially into its first school year.  Seventy years has now passed and the city of Chandler has seen a lot of changes, most notably the Chandler Tornado of 1992.  Through the years Chandler Christian School families have witnessed God’s guidance and blessings along with various challenges.

On Wednesday, April 8th, 2020 the Chandler Christian School Board with the overwhelming support of the Chandler Christian School Society decided to discontinue operations as of August 1st, 2020.  This was an extremely difficult decision, however,  due to declining enrollment and a number of other factors, the school board made this decision because they want what is best for our students.  Through the years the mission of Chandler Christian School has been to give children the opportunity to receive a thorough God-centered and Biblically based education which will prepare them spiritually, emotionally, physically and socially for a life of service to the Lord.  We see that the time of carrying out this mission effectively has come to an end.

Looking back, Chandler Christian School families can be proud of the fact that hundreds of children have been educated in the light of God’s Word.  We appreciate all who have supported our school for the many years past.  While closing the school has made us feel sad and disappointed, we must remember and celebrate the 70 years that we were able to be open and how God has used the school to bless the community and our families.  Chandler Christian School has faithfully taught our children the truths in the Bible and how to apply Biblical truth to all areas of life.  As we move forward we hold to the motto that has so inspirationally stood as our school’s backdrop on the city water tower “In God We Trust.”



The Chandler Christian School Board


Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow” –  Thomas Obadiah Chisholm